Tamara Grimm


Tamara Grimm

Hi there! I’m really glad you are here! I am a psychotherapist whose work is guided by critical and intersectional theories and the knowledge that our healthcare system sometimes fails, but also systematically oppresses many groups of people. In fact, I have committed my research and therapy career to making improvements in this area of the US healthcare system.

I am a holistic mental health provider who believes that counseling needs arise not just from our brains, but also from our environments and relationships with other people. Therefore, our work together would explore these different areas. Specific treatment modalities used include cognitive behavioral therapy, acceptance and commitment therapy, dialectical behavior therapy and cognitive processing therapy. I also believe in integrative medicine and will therefore recommend you explore some complementary therapies, such as exercise, yoga, and meditation, depending on what is evidence based for your unique situation. I practice what I preach – I am a certified yoga teacher registered with the Yoga Alliance (RYT-200), with specialized training in yoga nidra.

If you are curious about my past experience, I have held roles such as sexual assault victim advocate, case manager, clinical supervisor of case management teams, psychotherapist and healthcare administrator. Most recently, I am a PhD (all but dissertation) student at the University of South Carolina who also teaches within the College of Social Work. I look forward to meeting you!

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• Bachelor: Miami University (2003)

• Master's in Social Work: University of Cincinnati (2006)

• PhD: University of South Carolina (ABD; anticipated graduation Spring 2022)