Sarah Rocha


Sarah Rocha

Systems of oppression/trauma take toll on our physical body, mind and energetic body.  I work from a Somatic Experiencing®, (SE) background and a relationship/attachment-based background.  SE helps calm the nervous system and release trauma held in the body, helping you feel less anxious, less stress, more attuned to your body and more present throughout your day.

I use SE as well as other forms of wellness modalities in working with those who are struggling with work/life balance, marginalization, anxiety, stress, historical trauma, self-esteem, life transitions and young adult transitions.  I work relationally knowing that we heal in relationship, culture, and community.  Through my open-minded presence, I create a space where you can be deeply listed to.

I use my creativity, compassion, open-minded presence & curious spirit in working with clients. My therapy approach is holistic.  This holistic approach, combined with your goals for therapy, creates a therapeutic experience that is personal and unique to you.  As your therapist I will design a session tailored to your needs.

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• Bachelor of arts degree in Psychology from Arizona State University (Tempe, Arizona)

• Master of arts degree in professional counseling with emphasis on trauma, Ottawa University (Ottawa, Kansas)