Raelynn Bass


Raelynn Bass

Okay, let's face it, therapy can be intimidating right? Especially if its your first time...well, the services I provide will definitely make you feel comfortable and relaxed, allowing you to gain full insight into your concerns. Are you struggling with depression? Relationship or marital problems? What about concerns of stress and anxiety? I have tools that will help you overcome your barriers and we work together toward change. Give me a call and let's further discuss, I'd love to meet you!
I am passionate about what I do and enjoy working individuals from all different backgrounds and walks of life...through this, some of my specialty areas include Marital, relationship and family related concerns, sexual concerns, Anxiety, Depression and other emotionally taxing concerns or behaviors.
My practice is a new kind of counseling practice! We are unique, creative and use various innovative approaches! We offer 24 hour counselor access by telephone and email, welcoming offices with Top-Rated counselors and more! Try a practice that is more unique in it's support to you!

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Master of Science in Clinical Mental Health from Mercer University