Dr. Nishat Shams


Dr. Nishat Shams


My name is Dr.Nashat Shams, and originally from Chicago, Illinois but currently in Dubai to complete a professional project for my company. I'm a physician and a Health Psychologist by profession and have been in the field since 2005.
I have vast experience in counseling individuals with diverse cultural backgrounds and with different age groups—my sensitive attitude to multicultural groups attribute to my multicultural family background and ethnicity. I had conducted two research studies on post-traumatic growth on Arab women and had the privilege to present my studies in many countries.

My professional background as a physician further enhanced my clinical skills as a psychologist, particularly to comprehend the association between mind-body and vice versa. In 2020 I was appointed as an online adjunct professor for Grand Canyon University, USA, to teach counseling and psychology courses for graduate students. I found teaching highly rewarding and fulfilling to see others benefitting and growing with my knowledge and experience.

I am a calm and mild-mannered woman and act firmly and tactfully in challenging situations in my professional and personal lives. The primary goal of my therapeutic techniques is to empower my clients with knowledge with new coping skills and make them stronger as a person.

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Ph.D. in Health Psychology, Walden University