Mareayna Caine


Mareayna Caine

Mareayna Caine is a master’s level Licensed Professional Counselor in Missouri. I have utilized these last several years specializing in trauma, depression, PTSD, and anxiety. It is my belief that to provide a full experience to the client, the needs of the mind, body, and emotions must be addressed. When we are experiencing emotional instability, lack of motivation, depressive moods, and intrusive thoughts it is hard to ask for help. At times we may feel judged, or we are not sure we are ready to make the change. All of these questions give us pause and we may begin to doubt ourselves out of reaching out to gain support. Most times we are not sure if we should turn to family because we do not know how they will respond and other times we simply do not want to face having to relive something we have tried to suppress for so long. I feel it is important that we take the necessary steps and measures to regain control over our lives, as best as we can. Being able to be happy is a possibility, fully reachable if we work hard to achieve it. Transparency, communication, and a willingness to do more than survive is key to taking the first step on your journey to feeling better. Along the way, it is vital to reestablish and define who you are and who you want to be. We do this work together; you are not alone. The focus is on asking the hard questions and working through the tough answers. Boundaries, coping skills, self-esteem, self-love, credit, self-worthiness, self-value, and more are all components of the quality care provided. My favorite saying is, "Sentio Ergo Sum..." and it stands for "I feel therefore I am..." it reinforces that we are in control of how we feel, even when we do not believe the good things about ourselves. This directive gives us back the controlling quality of life that we sometimes lose or give to others without knowing. Being a mental health professional means showing and helping people understand that we must be patient with ourselves, loving to ourselves, trusting with ourselves, and a fighter for ourselves. We are always our biggest advocates; we will redefine how you advocate for you. Thank you for taking the time to learn more about me. 

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Masters in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Webster University