Lyn Shade


Lyn Shade

My name is Lyn Shade, I am a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC, NBCC) from Clark Atlanta University with over 20 years of experience working with clients experiencing anxiety, stress, depression, chronic pain, trauma, minority conflicts and disparities, grief and loss of a loved ones including Covid 19, as well as life transition issues. I have also worked for over 20 years with clients in the medical setting experiencing chronic pain and injuries from accidents and trauma.

I utilize a holistic approach to therapy which examines the whole person mind, body, spirit, relationships, and other areas. I want to focus on issues that may be causing you not to feel your best self-most days and provide you a safe, nonjudgmental, and confidential space in order to listen to you unconditionally, provide you support, encouragement, and work with you to resolve your issues. I value and strive to respect each client’s self-worth, identity, beliefs, culture, race, and dignity because you are valuable.

I prefer utilizing evidence based cognitive behavioral (CBT)and client centered therapy modalities as well as Telehealth Services to assist you in resolving issues or challenges you may be dealing with right now. and work with you to resolve your issues as you are going through a challenging time. Together we can begin to resolve your issues because you are valuable and deserve to be happy.

Contact me today. I look forward to speaking with you and providing you the space and support you need right now.

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LPC, NBCC, M.Ed. from Clark Atlanta University and additional training as Rehabilitation Counselor from Ga. State University