Ivan Gonzalez


Ivan Gonzalez

You deserve to live a life filled with purpose, enjoyment, and emotional clarity. For many of us, anxiety, depression, and past hang ups limit the sort of life we want for ourselves and our families. The journey of therapy is a process where you get to be radically honest in a safe, nonjudgmental, and confidential space. I keep it real with my clients. I want to help you get more out of life; discover more purpose, and cultivate more excitement. Together we will learn to foster more courage and peace as you heal from your past, delight in the present, and have hope for the future.
Many of my clients come to therapy expressing that they feel as though something is missing in their lives. They just can’t seem to shake off feelings of increasing sadness, anxiety, or a sense of disconnection from the world. Together we will work to improve communication, discover healing from unhealthy relationships, and uncover your voice.
In my many years of walking alongside others in their journey, I have helped individuals and couples break unhealthy patterns of behavior and find healing through a careful exploration of their heart, mind, body, and spirit. Let us co-create a healing experience, together. I look forward to working with you!

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Years of experience:

9 years

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Licensed Mental Health Counselor


M.A Counseling; University of Central Florida