Evette A. Blackman


Evette A. Blackman

I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) who has a passion for working with individuals seeking mental wellness and living an authentic life.
I am dedicated to changing the conversations and misconception about mental wellness. I am passionate about the healing process, strive to establish and maintain an open and non-judgmental relationship in a confidential therapy space. My greatest accomplishment is to see individuals prosper while utilizing the tools learned in our work together, navigate their life challenges and create a well-balanced life.
My approach to therapy is to work together to empower, strengthen, support, and help individuals towards their journey in living a healthy, well balanced, purposeful, and authentic life.
I am experienced working with individuals struggling with conditions/circumstances such as stress, burnout, depression, anxiety, trauma, life transition, and relational/interpersonal problems. I work with individuals of all color, belief, and orientation.
I provide support, compassion, empathy, and meaningful guidance to help change unhealthy/emotional reaction and build confidence. I provide psychoeducation to build healthy coping strategies to deal with life's difficult challenges, take control of your life, manage symptoms and regulate painful emotions.

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MSW at Fordham University School of Social Work