Elaijia Eaton


Elaijia Eaton

I am not your typical therapist. I am very non-traditional and edgy. I currently work full-time in community practice with clients 14 and older. I recently became fully licensed as a Licensed Professional Counselor, but hold a wealth of experience that has been consistent in the human services field working with the populations I currently service in counseling. I am accepting clients ages 18 and older here. I have three degrees, a Master's degree being the highest. I am a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) and a Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor (LCDC) in Texas while holding other credentials in other areas in the State of Texas. I am a Family-Based Safety Service Specialist III with a Texas agency working with families and children. My past experiences are congruent with the industry and population I continue to work with throughout gaining other roles and skills. I bring a multicultural and high level of understanding regarding multiple systems due to my background. My passion developed throughout my life while offering the same genuine level of empathy, problem-solving, solution-seeking, and getting positive results for myself and others. I hold a non-judgmental attitude and open space for my clients to explore their truths. I offer myself as a passenger and see clients as the drivers of their lives as I ride along in the passenger seat navigating, with my clients until they arrive at the endless possibilities that exist on the other side of fear, the unfamiliar, or other issues. Many opportunities are buried behind our smiles, behaviors, and accomplishments, or lack thereof. While in my chair, your chair, a chair, or wherever that meeting point that I am meeting my clients halfway at, I allow the artist to draw the picture for me as we unpack it and repackage it at that destination we were navigating to find. I offer multiple modalities including, Client-Centered Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Solution-Focused Brief Therapy, and Reality Therapy, to name a few. I offer modalities contingent on the client's needs.

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3 years counseling, 11 years working in settings with people experiencing mental and behavioral health disorders, 13 years working

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Texas licenses

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M.S., Bachelor's and AA (various institutions/Master's from HBCU (Prairie View A&M University)