Earl Washington


Earl Washington

William Washington is a licensed clinical social worker who works with adolescents and adults on a number of different specialty areas, including medical stress, life adjustments, trauma, goal planning, life transitions, relationships, stress management, anxiety, substance abuse issues, sexual dysfunction issues and depression. He obtained his master’s degree in social work from Spalding University and has since worked with thousands of individuals, couples, and groups. Mr. Washington is specially trained in dialectical behavior therapy and eye movement desensitization reprocessing therapy. Mr. Washington has extensive experience working with patients who have struggled with post-traumatic stress disorder and substance abuse issues. He is a board-certified clinical social worker who completed his undergraduate education at Eastern Kentucky University. Mr. Washington completed his graduate education at Spalding University.

Mr. Washington has done research and completed scholarly peer review journal articles on child welfare leg. Washington representation, foster youth in post-secondary education and mobile app services for the child welfare system. Mr. Washington is currently an adjunct faculty member in social work at Eastern Kentucky University and the University of Kentucky. He has extensive experience in training and teaching social work students. Mr. Washington is trained in solution focused therapy and has helped many is dedicated to reducing mental health stigma and providing high quality treatment in the mental health field. He enjoys spending time with family watching sports and playing video games.

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Masters of Social Work from Spalding University.