Chad Mosher, Ph.D.


Chad Mosher, Ph.D.

As a non-binary femme
of trans experience (they/them), I orient my work around racial and disability justice, liberation practices, queer/trans feminism, harm reduction and abolition. My lineage as a therapist emerged from humanism and existentialism, gestalt and parts work, narrative,
relational, liberatory, and social justice models of psychology and therapy. Professionally, I am a Licensed Clinical Psychologist in Arizona (AZ-4959). My doctorate is in Counseling Psychology from The University of Memphis (2006). I previously earned a degree
in mental health counseling from Idaho State University (2001). During my academic training I specialized in multicultural and anti-oppressive counseling practices, queer and transgender health, and in working with the complexities of sexual abuse and sexual
trauma. Much of my work involves a Health at Every Size approach, which is central to recovery from trauma, eating disorders, and negative body image issues. Living in a “plus-size” or large(r) body often means we are subjected to fatphobia and “concerns about
our health.” There is so much stigma and fear just trying to survive in a world that fears fat people. I
also work to undo stigmas around wellness and mental health, particularly within marginalized and historically oppressed communities, within a liberatory framework. Liberatory practices involve seeing you as both an individual with specific experiences to you,
seeing you as someone navigating power and oppression in our culture as well as developing unique resilience to our society, and seeing you as a member of a collective community deserving of a meaningful quality of life free from oppression and discrimination.

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Doctorate in Counseling Psychology (2006) from the University of Memphis, and Master's in Mental Health Counseling (2001) from Idaho State University