Bronwyn Shiffer


Bronwyn Shiffer

I support womxn who want to feel more strong, connected, and comfortable in their own skin. They have a rich inner life and the gift of lots of empathy. They struggle with shaking off criticism and feeling like a sponge for the emotions of the people around them, often feeling obligated to take care of the needs of others.
You know yourself better than anyone else ever will. My job is to help you get to know yourself even better than you already do; to witness and to understand your story, your pain, your longings, your joy. The really cool thing is that when this happens, when someone can take the time to see and understand what is going on for you, that’s when you can see it more clearly too - that’s when transformation is possible.

I have worked with a wide variety of individuals and have found that I most enjoy working with Highly Sensitive womxn struggling with depression. I come from a place of curiosity while acknowledging the real influence of systems of power and privilege.

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MSW from Smith College School for Social Work