Bridgette Spann Edwards


Bridgette Spann Edwards

I always wanted to understand why people think and behave as they do. I wanted to learn how I could assist people in changing their thoughts, assist is positive self-talk and taking the next step in making the change in their life.
I have a high sense of intuition and compassion, which allows me to connect with people easily. I enjoy new creative problem solving to find optimal solutions. I practice strength empowering counseling.

Education and Training:
I graduated in 2010 with my MSW and later obtained my Clinical Social Worker license. In 2010 I also obtained my Clinical Addiction Counselor license. I am trained in Trauma Focus Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Nutritional Psychology. I enjoy building upon my education with various training and workshops.

I have been involved in the mental health and addiction field for the past 15 years. My client population have ranged from children to adults, LGBTQ population, veterans and clients with cultural conflicts. Their experiences include anxiety, depression, attachment disorders, family conflict, ADHD, addiction, PTSD and adjustment disorder.

Employed Techniques:
Communication skills, stress and anxiety management skills, nutrition and mental health, relationship skills, CBT, faith base techniques and reality therapy.

What makes me stand OUT:
I take into consideration the whole you when deciding the best form of treatment. We discuss the positive and negative aspects of your life. We look at your diet because what you eat and the minerals you take can affect your mental health. We discuss the great things that you have forgotten about your life to assist you in your treatment. We explore what will make you whole and putting the best person you know first, that person being you.

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Indiana, Illinois, Mississippi and Tennessee

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Masters Degree in Social Work