Aiman Farran


Aiman Farran

I am a licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker “LICSW”. Graduated with my masters in social work from Eastern Washington University. I am licensed in the state of Washington. My BA is from Portland State University in Public Health Education.

I have lived in two different countries. I witnessed oppression, and discrimination in both countries. I always had that question in me “why can't people be normal and get along?” As I grew up I found that the answer was too complicated and too many causes are involved. Based on my life experiences I choose to pursue a career in the field of social work. “PIE” person in the environment is a key term in the field of social work. Environment at all levels impacts how we behave, become, act, believe, and so forth. We as humans have the strength to deal with all these distress we get from that environment. Unfortunately, sometimes we get overwhelmed and depressed and forget that we have the strength to overcome that particular problem.

I started my career in the Social work field in 2009 working in a non profit outpatient mental health clinic for several years as a therapist. The past 7 years I have worked as a medical social worker mostly in the Emergency Department doing case management and crisis intervention. During my career I was able to use cognitive behavioral therapy, solution focused therapy and strength based motivational therapy. My goal is to continue to provide support to clients who are dealing with challenges, such as depression, anxiety, family and relationship issues, self esteem, goal attainment and situational stressors.

My mission is always to actively listen and help clients find their strengths to achieve their goal.

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Masters in Social Work from Eastern Washington University