Niloofar Alishahi


Niloofar Alishahi

Once upon a time in my life, I lost my ability to express myself fully and authentically. Then I found Art! Exploring my inner feelings and thoughts through art and metaphors empowered me and brought relief.

I'm glad you are here. If you've come this far, it means that you are making a choice to take care of yourself and work to lead a healthy life. That is a brave and important decision, and I am here to provide assistance. I aspire to make our sessions a safe, comfortable and non-judgmental place. We will seek to figure out and resolve the issues you are currently dealing with.

Sometimes, just having the space to explore and learn how you feel can really start a process of change and help lessen the weight you've been carrying.

I use evidence-based practices, creativity and working with metaphors with my clients. However, there is no need to make art in our sessions. Oh, and you absolutely don't need to be an artist, curiosity is the only thing we need.

I am excited to begin our sessions together!

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Years of experience:

5 years

Licensed in:

New York

Licensure type:

New York's Licensed Creative arts therapist (LCAT) - the Art Therapy Credentials Boards' (ATR-BC)


Masters of Professional studies (MPS) in Art therapy and creativity development at Pratt institute