• Taryn Thrasher

Finding Your Role in a Social Change Ecosystem

Updated: Jun 15, 2020

The revolution is not a monolith; it is a multifaceted battle against racism and white supremacy that involves many talents and folx who are willing to do the work that must be done. It has been remarkable to see massive crowds pour into the streets to demand justice for the countless Black people who have been murdered by the police, but not everyone is able to physically participate in this way.

For immunocompromised folx and people who live with and care for vulnerable individuals, it may be too great of a risk to potentially expose yourself to COVID-19 at a protest. That is okay.

I have been battling a bit of guilt personally because I am unable to be out on the front lines of these protests in the way I thought I would. My father is in his 60’s and my sister has asthma so in order to keep them safe I need to be mindful of my interactions with the public. I also struggle with anxiety around big crowds, so protesting simply isn’t healthy for me.

If you have found yourself in a similar situation I guarantee there is still a place for you in this movement. We all have roles in the Social Change Ecosystem; each is equally essential to the fight for the world that we would like to see.

Deepa Iyer of the Solidarity Is and Building Movement Project has created this wonderful chart which shows the varied ways that once can participation in liberation.

You may access a map and reflection guide put together by Deepa Iyer here. These thoughtfully constructed reflection questions foster a productive anti-racist internal dialogue about your place in the movement for Black lives. I urge you to check out this wonderful framework and use it to find your role in the Social Change Ecosystem. Let go of any guilt if you are unable to physically protest and channel your energy into using your unique talents to make change in the world.

Ayana Therapy will continue to do our part as a source of healing in our community for folx who have experienced generational trauma and racial violence. We stand with you always.

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