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Minority Mental Health Month: What you Need to Know

History of Minority Mental Health Month

The month of July has been known to be Minority Mental Health Month since 2008 and seeks to raise awareness regarding the discrepancies found in resources, services, and research found for the mental health of individuals who come from minority backgrounds.

And minorities are often generalized into ethnic and racial terms, but it dives deeper into that. Minorities range from religious minorities in the United States such as Muslims, Jews, Hindus, and Buddhists to sexual minorities which include gay, lesbian, and bisexual folk. It expands itself to raise awareness for groups who have been undeserved and neglected from the therapy sector and to meet their unique needs. This includes those from low socioeconomic status, despite not being considered a minority to many people. 

This Year’s Theme: #DepthOfMyIdentity

Minority Mental Health Month entails many programs, events, and themes for each particular year. We have a personal connection with this year’s theme, which focuses on #DepthOfMyIdentity and analyzes oneself from an intersectional lense.

We at AYANA emphasize this approach when evaluating one’s mental health and how one’s issues have come to fruition due to the interaction of these many identities, and applaud that intersectionality is finally coming to the forefront of many of these movements. 

There is also a Minority Mental Health Toolkit, many can sign up for which delves deep into this year’s theme, along with Guiding Questions and how to approach this month through social media. 

The Why and Need

minority mental health month

AYANA and Commitment 

We feel extremely connected with this year’s theme of intersectionality, as it remains an integral part of our company’s mission. We find it symbolic that this year’s theme aligns so well with our company, as this is the first minority mental health month that we at AYANA will be apart of since we founded ourselves in the fall of 2018.

We hope to use this month as a way to not only raise awareness of such issues within minority communities, but also as a means to emphasize why companies like ours are so important in this therapy sector. So many times we find ourselves attempting to change the status quo to fit our needs, but often we fall short to actually fulfill our needs and wants.

That’s why we made our own space within this sector, so we can finally do what we need to address the disparities in this sector. So from everyone at AYANA, we wish you all a Happy #MinorityMentalHealthMonth

Every week we will be doing projects to spread awareness about minority mental health on social media! This week our project is #MoreThanMyMI. The goal of this project is to let people know that your mental illnesses do not define you because you are so much more than them!   

Participate by saving this image and writing words, adjectives or identities that make you, you! Tag @AyanaTherapy (twitter) @Ayana_Therapy (IG) and use #MoreThanMyMI. Share it on all social media platforms and encourage people (especially minorities) to participate!  

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