Holiday Gift Guide by the Ayana Team

The team at Ayana Therapy put together the below holiday gift guide and we each recommended a company founded by a person of color.

Happy holidays from all of us!

Tgin Honey Miracle Hair Mask:

This mask has an amazing smell and leaves your hair hydrated after rinsing. It is an all-natural product, free from artificial colors, and (my favorite part) is cruelty free!

-Yadeni, Research Intern

Live Tinted:

Growing up, I remember running around makeup stores, wanting to try out different blushes and lipsticks, and my mom telling me, "these products don't look good on us because of our skin tone." When I discovered Live Tinted three years ago, I saw a community of people who looked like me wearing makeup that complimented our skin tone, and I felt seen. Also, it doesn't hurt that they specialize in 3 -in-1 products, so really, it's a deal!

-Nandita, Research Intern

This brand has been building inclusivity within the beauty industry by catering its products to people of all skin tones and shades. To add to this, their products are all vegan and cruelty free.

-Arshia, Intern

A Kids Book About

I’ve been sending out these books to my friends' children and buying them up for my own as well. Aside from tough topics, like racism, death, COVID-19, empathy, disabilities, depression, sexual abuse, and anxiety, these books also cover lighter topics, like voting, adventure, community, and technology. All of the authors come from different backgrounds, but it started with one father, Jelani Memory. As a black father with a blended family, racism was an inevitable topic of conversation. He wanted to find a way to talk to his kids about racism in an honest way and to connect with them.

-Erin, Head of Operations

Diaspora Co Spices:

From turmeric to cumin to masala dabba, these spices are sourced directly from Indian partner farms. It’s a chance to heat up your winter meals while supporting equitable and sustainable spice trade!

-Dorothy, Research Intern

Bevel is a hair, shaving, body and skincare company made for people of color. I’m a huge fan of this brand and I completely align with their mission. I constantly recommend this to my friends and family!

-Eric, CEO & Founder

Copper Cow Coffee sells premium pour over Vietnamese coffee in amazing packaging. This company also has tea sets, so it’s great for coffee & tea lovers. Plus, it’s practical for WFH and the company’s founder is a minority woman!

-Betty, Head of Sales

Aavrani incorporates India’s natural skincare rituals in their products. Aavrani products are amazing and give me the ultimate self-care ritual, plus the packaging is just stunning! Partial proceeds are also annually donated to Shanti Bhavan Children’s Project, which supports young women’s education in India.

-Palak, Operations Associate

Olphactory Candles

The name of this company references the structure in the forebrain that receives neural input from scents through our noses. As research has shown, the power of a scent can bring strong associations with memories and emotion. The company's concept of taking inspiration from the art of jazz into creating unique candles immediately stood out to me. It brought up nostalgia, as someone who was raised on jazz and r&b music. When you receive a soy candle from Olphactory, you can immediately see the quality and care put in every candle, from the sleek, minimal design, two wicks, hand-written thank you note, to the scents curated to meld into a powerful and lasting experience.

-Carrie, Research Intern

FroBabies was founded by an African American, special education schoolteacher from Atlanta, GA.FroBabies was built from her dream (literally), of uplifting children of African descent, into a brand recognized by hundreds of thousands of social media followers, including celebrities. The brand offers apparel for all ages with graphic designs to celebrate culture, as well as haircare products and other items. My boys love their t-shirts with gold crowns over the words “King” and “Royalty”.

-Amber, Research Intern

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