Entering 2021 With Gratitude

To end an unprecedented year, our Ayana team came together and wrote about what we are thankful for this year. We wish you all a safe new year!

Grateful for family, friends, and my significant other for the valuable time and laughter we’ve shared in a tough year like we’ve all had in 2020.

- Yadeni, Recruitment Intern

I am grateful for my loved ones' health and for my puppy, who has brought so much joy and laughter into our lives. I also appreciate technology, which has kept me feeling connected to those I love. Moreover, I am grateful to be working at a company with an amazing mission and team. Last but not least, I am thankful for my husband and the time we have been able to spend together this year.

-Palak, Operations Associate

I am beyond thankful to have a boss and a team at Ayana that believes in supporting the communities who we serve. Every day I wake up and get to speak to people I genuinely enjoy working with, even if there are disappointments and failures along the way, they are who I would choose to be beside me (including purchasing dumpster fire medals). For me living with a disability, I’m glad I get the option to work from home and that there are benefits available as I deeply believe the American healthcare system is broken. More than anything, I’m grateful for our clients who agree that there is more we need to do to service our communities and that they trust and empower us to do that every day. 2020 has been an unprecedented year for me personally and professionally. If it’s one thing I know for sure is that we are all warriors for doing so well this year in our own ways, giant bats and murderous hornets from foreign lands notwithstanding!

-Erin, Head of Operations

I am appreciative for my family, friends, and my partner for their unwavering support. I am grateful for getting through this year and learning myself more!

-Nneka, Social Media intern

2020 has been an unprecedented year but despite the difficulties and uncertainties we have all faced, there are many things I am grateful for. To begin, I am grateful for the opportunity to have spent quality time with my family and to reflect, grow and learn more about myself. I am grateful for the technology that has kept me connected with my friends and parents abroad. I am thankful to be part of an amazing, supportive team at Ayana. Lastly, I am so thankful for all the frontline healthcare workers who are working hard to help our friends and families.

-Arshia, Intern

Gratitude is the cornerstone of resilience, happiness, and joy in life. Asides from amazing family and friends, I am grateful for the power of hope and change, the ability to breathe and let go, for exercise and the miraculous power of healing, and for sunshine which can light up our darkest hours. Cheers to 2021 and the many positive things to come!

-Wei-Chin, Advisor

This year has been so tough on everyone in the world. Many of us have felt depression, anxiety, fear, and isolation on levels that we dreamed. Even with a spouse and three children, I have felt all those things. Staying at home with my three children, homeschooling, and feeling “stuck” or “trapped” has been extremely trying. I miss having a social life as well as the freedom to do things on my own away from the house. However, upon reflection, it’s my family who have truly gotten me through this year. Every time I have felt lost, I think of them and how much they mean to me and how I need to stay strong for them. I took the time to finish my degree. I have learned to express my creativity through art. I have learned to place my focus on things that make me feel good rather than things that make me miserable. There are so many things that we take for granted every day. So, this year in addition to family, I am most grateful for our ability as humans to adapt and to face trials and tribulations with strength and hope. The future is uncertain, but I know it will be better and we will come out stronger than ever. Let’s make 2020 a year that we uplift and empower one another, be strong for those who are not, be grateful for what we have rather than what we do not, and most of all...be kind.

-Amber, Research Intern

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