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500 S. Grand Avenue, Suite 1800

Los Angeles, CA 90071

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Meet Our Therapists!

Shanta Jambotkar.png
April Givens.png

April Givens

ANDREA Broadwater.png

Andrea Broadwater

Dr. Shannon Qureshi

Edwin .png

Edwin Goei

Stephanie Villaseñor

Farooq Malik

Miko Jones

Daniel Quintana.png

Daniel Quintana

Travis Andrews.png

Travis Andrews

Aldo Hernandez.png

Aldo Hernandez

Jared Anderson.png

Jared Anderson

Lucy Vo.png

Lucy Vo

Artin Chaklader.png
Yesel Yoon .png
Dr. Jenn Noble (1).png
quinn gee.png

Quin Gee

aprille andelle.png

Dr. Aprile Andelle

Dr. Tavari Brown .png

Dr. Tavari Brown

Ashley Cummings

Tamara Blackledge 

Rubina K Dhani

Jayn Rajandran.png

Jayn Rajandran

Pia Johnson.png

Pia Johnson

Orlando Zuniga.png

Orlando Zuniga

Ezzat Moghazy.png

Ezzat Moghazy

Stephan Mambazo.png

Stephan Mambazo

Vyvy Phan.png

Vyvy Phan

May Kho.png
Jewel Love.png
sonja rivera.png

Sonja Rivera

jonathan dunlap.png

Dr. Jonathan Dunlap

tiffany young (1).png

Dr. Tiffany Young

Kimberly Brownridge.png

Kimberly Brownridge

Seida Hood

Mariana Iurcovich

Tiffany Ashe

Alisha Singh.png

Alisha Singh

Jose Sandoval.png

Jose Sandoval

Howard Grossman.png

Howard Grossman

Almira Agosto.png

Almira Agosto

Lontonia Bryant.png

Lontonia Bryant

Amber Mercader.png
Jennie Power.png
Delia Asquel.png
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