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Mission and Values

Vision Statement

For the unseen to be seen and heal.


We welcome you into a community where your culture and experience matter. And, you decide the type of journey and support that fit your needs for wellness, growth, and mental health.

Purpose Statement

Eliminating barriers to restore humanity


We are committed to ending systemic and structural racism and oppression and its impact on mental health and healthcare. We welcome you to a community that erases stigma and judgment.


We are driven by openness, honesty, and truthfulness. We
strive for vulnerability and view mistakes as opportunities for

growth. We are continuous learners.


We believe that it is a fundamental right for all people to be treated with dignity and respect. We celebrate differences and we believe trust is earned through integrity and honesty.


We hold ourselves to the highest possible standards with full

transparency and humility. We are responsive and understand that we are all interdependent and our actions matter.


We recognize that everyone is made up of multiple, overlapping identities all of which deserve to be seen.


We believe that it is a right, not a privilege to experience
recognition, acceptance, inclusivity, and interconnectedness.


We encourage everyone to live their true identity independent of external structures and opinions. It is through true self-awareness and self-acceptance that we create a world that works for all groups. It is the foundation of unity and solidarity.

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