Therapist FAQ

Applicant Requirements

  • Duly licensed by a state board to independently practice psychotherapy

  • Practiced for 3 years (post-graduate school) or have 2,000 hours of experience (including pre-licensure, post-graduate school hours)

  • Carry your own malpractice insurance liability insurance

  • Maintain and store clinical documentation in a HIPAA compliant manner

  • Complete HIPAA Compliance Training ( or provide certificate or proof of completion of equivalent training.

  • Complete Cultural Competency Training ( or provide certificate or proof of completion of equivalent training.

  • Provide your emergency contact information (only to be used by Ayana in case of emergency)

Therapist Application Process

  • After you submit your application form, Ayana’s recruiting team will verify your license number

  • After license number verification is completed, Ayana’s recruiting team will send you information on how to schedule an interview with one of Ayana’s interviewers.

  • If you are approved, Ayana’s recruiting team will contact your references.

  • You will then receive an NDA to sign.

  • Following the NDA, you will receive information about completing a background check.

  • If your background check is clear, Ayana’s recruiting team will send you an offer letter, payroll set-up and additional onboarding information.

Number of Clients

  • There is not a minimum number of clients that a clinician needs to have in order to be considered active.

  • Clinicians can put a cap for themselves regarding how many clients they are willing to work with.

Client Messages

  • Therapists will not be using their personal phone numbers. Therapists will use Ayana’s software, which will enable text, calling and video calling.

  • The ability to exchange messages is an important element of the platform. We ask that therapists respond to messages within 24 hours.

  • Clients may also designate a message as non-urgent, in which case the above response times do not apply.

Cancellation and Lateness

  • 24-hour cancellation policy: Clients must cancel appointments with at least 24 hours’ notice. Appointments cancelled with less than 24 hours’ notice or missed appointments will be debited from the client’s subscription package for that month and therapists will be paid for that session.

  • Lateness policy: If a client is late for a scheduled appointment, we ask that you stay online and wait for 15 minutes from the start of your scheduled appointment time.

    • If they log on within that first 15 minutes, you will be able to complete your session for however many minutes might be remaining based on your original appointment times (e.g. if they log on 5 minutes late, they will have 25 minutes left of a 30 minute session, 10 minutes late will allow for 20 minutes, etc.).

    • If they log on later than that first 15 minutes, that will count as a late cancellation, they will forfeit that session, and they will have that session debited from their subscription package for that month.

Important Reminders for Sessions

  • First session:

    • Provide them with your name and license information:

    • Review informed consent, privacy, exceptions to confidentiality

    • Discuss the potential benefits, risks and limitations of receiving treatment via teletherapy

    • Discuss boundaries that you will establish and observe

    • Establish a backup plan for how to reconnect if you should become disconnected

  • Every session:

    • Obtain address of their physical location at the time of the session

    • Establish/review some achievable therapeutic goals.

    • Confirm their telephone number for use as a backup method of communication in case video conferencing is unavailable

    • Document and retain notes of your sessions Scope of Ayana’s Services


Therapist-Client Matchmaking Process

  • This process has been meticulously designed to optimize the odds of effective matchmaking through an algorithm where we place a heavy emphasis on gender, ethnicity, orientation, and religion.

  • If a client wishes to transfer therapists, we let the current therapist know and then we provide the client with a list of compatible therapists, which is based on a thorough questionnaire that both the therapists and clients take.


  • Teletherapy services provided through Ayana are not intended for crisis situations, emergencies, or other situations that might require more intensive or immediate responses.

  • If there is an immediate crisis situation during a session, we do have the address of the person that the counselor would be speaking to, so it's possible to call 911 on their behalf. We also have access to the user's loved ones' information. There is a way to assess of gravity of the user's case through a questionnaire to see what steps should be taken.


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