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Provider Experience at Ayana

Benefits of Joining Our Growing Network of Providers  

  • Be part of a growing community of like-minded professionals dedicated to providing access to quality and inclusive care

  • Experience a virtual community with opportunities to connect to a variety of passionate professionals providing traditional and non-traditional culturally-relevant services

  • Expand your reach and care to BIPOC and LGBTQIA+ communities

  • Participate in monthly consultation groups with Ayana providers

  • Flexible scheduling to set your own availability with no minimum number on your caseload

  • No membership fees or overhead costs - Ayana handles the operations, member referrals, marketing, and technology

Innovate with Us

  • Engage with our easy to use and accessible platform

  • Our uniquely designed provider-member matchmaking process centers member's preferences on factors including race, gender, sexual orientation, and religion

Your Voice Matters​

  • Bring your authentic self, experiences, and passions to deliver culturally-responsive care for the unseen to be seen and heal

  • Foster traditional and non-traditional culturally-relevant practices to your work

  • Empower you to be creative and openly share your feedback with Ayana to improve services

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