Wendy Whitmore

Who Wendy Is:

Wendy Whitmore is a licensed marriage and family therapist (LMFT) & clinical life coach. and owner of Truth, Healing & Evolution Counseling Services and founder of T.H.E. iLove Me Experience and “My Warrior Life” movements. As an expert clinician & life coach, she provides clients with a safe space to freely express themselves, encourages them to “stretch & grow” and teaches them the coping skills necessary to assist in their healing.

She works with clients to develop their personal goals and tailors their treatment plans to meet their particular needs. She is trained in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Trauma Focused CBT, and Seeking Safety. As a result of working with Wendy, clients are able to embrace life's struggles, while maintaining a healthy balance of life and love.

Wendy’s Words:

“I work with clients from the standpoint that they are NOT Victims, but Survivors, in order to assist with the building of self-confidence, which empowers them to take control of their lives, by choosing how to express the pain caused by the traumas they’ve experienced.”

Wendy's Philosophy: “If it is not enhancing your life, it has no place in your life”

Wendy’s Education:

University of La Verne Master of Science (M.S.)

Marriage and Family Therapy 2004 – 2006

UCR Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)

Psychology & Ethnic Studies 1998 – 2002

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Phone: 855-862-9262

500 S. Grand Avenue, Suite 1800

Los Angeles, CA 90071

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