Tyreese McAllister

Tyreese R. McAllister has over 25 years’ experience in the fields of emergency mental health helping individuals experiencing both crisis and traumatic events. She has worked in the Washington, DC, metropolitan area as a licensed mental health practitioner. Tyreese is a doctoral candidate at the University of the Rockies pursing a Psy.D. with a concentration in Criminology and Justice, with anticipated completion date of 2021. She received her Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology and a postmaster’s certificate in Addictions Counseling from Johns Hopkins University. Tyreese was credentialed as a Criminal Justice Addictions Professional in 1999 and licensed as a Professional Counselor in 2005. She earned various other certifications and has extensive forensic and Disaster Preparedness, Recovery and Response training.

Mrs. McAllister has used her specialized training and mental health background to consult with FEMA funded projects, in response to 9/11 Terrorist Attacks at the Pentagon and the anthrax exposure at the Brentwood Post Office, in Washington, DC and most recently the global Coronavirus pandemic. Tyreese has serves in the capacity of an independent consultant over 20 years, providing training and technical assistance for many federal and local agencies throughout the United States.




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