Stephan Mambazo

With more than 30 years of experience in the helping professions, Stephan “Idris” Mambazo, is a licensed psychotherapist, with practice specialties in trauma, grief, gender and sex issues. He is a human rights advocate, educator, writer, and public/motivational speaker. Stephan utilizes his experiences in public health, mental health, and professional sex education to create healing and affirming therapeutic relationships with those he works. He is passionate about issues of affecting the LGBTQ+ community, persons living with HIV/AIDS, those experiencing relationship, sexuality, gender, and racial human rights issues, and the social stigma and discrimination that can create emotional and interpersonal distress. He provides psychotherapy services in his Alabama offices, client homes, other non-traditional locations, or via Telehealth. The overarching goal when someone comes into therapy is the planning of what ending it looks like, and this is done from the very first time of assessment. My goal is to effectively provide quality treatment in a timely manner to those I work with. I am a retired government social worker and full-time private practice licensed psychotherapist. I work in Selma, Alabama where there is a genuine need for qualified mental health professionals, and I love what I do and helping the people I work with. I also provide online clinical teletherapy to persons throughout the state of Alabama who are not in the Selma/Montgomery area.




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