Sheri Pate

Sheri Pate

I have an undergraduate degree in Psychology from UCLA and a Master’s degree in Psychology from CLU. Since 2002, I have led mindfulness, visualization and helped clients make positive changes in their lives. As a LMFT, my mission is to connect clients to their fullest potential and teach them practices to bring meaning, joy and success into their lives.

Certified as a yoga instructor and meditation leader, I enjoy leading mind-body practices for spiritual development and athletic performance with my Integral Transformative Practice (ITP) group in Thousand Oaks, CA. ITP is a community practice created by human potential visionaries George Leonard and Michael Murphy.

Through my ITP circle of colleagues I have been introduced to the latest technology in mind-body practices, including Focusband (neurofeedback) and HeartMath (HRV coherence). I enjoy introducing the mind-body exercises that these companies offer to my individual clients.

Most recently I developed an emotional and mind-body awareness card game called Witness Cards to help people easily and comfortable identify areas for growth and change. Most enjoyable for me is empowering clients to accept themselves as they are and when they are ready make changes in a comfortable confident way through self-awareness and connection to their personal calling or purpose.

Some of the modalities I use are Emotional Focused, Somatic Therapy and Mindfulness.



My specialty is helping clients who feel stuck and have anxiety about their future. I am also comfortable working with depression and ADHD.


California 45065


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