Shawnnell Batiste

Shawnnell Batiste is a master’s Level Mental Health Professional. She graduated Valedictorian from Francis T. Nicholls in 1990. She received her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Louisiana State University and her Master of Art Degree in Professional Counseling from Liberty University. Shawnnell is currently licensed as a Professional Counselor in Louisiana as well as Texas.

Shawnnell has served her community as an independent contractor with several organizations. She currently works with CPS clients, children and adults with developmental disorders, as well as offering counseling for disruptive events through EAP programs. Shawnnell has been working with at risk youth, developmentally disabled children, and adults, and the mentally ill community for over 19 years. She entered the world of behavioral health in 2014 and now also serves the autistic and developmentally disabled community.
Shawnnell has faithfully volunteered for the Loft Nonprofit organization as an Assistant Director, where she supervised and assisted in the direction of the Afterschool and Summer program which provides academic and social enrichment for children ages 5 to 12. She continues her commitment to The Loft by serving on the board. Shawnnell started her Private Practice, Choosing Empowerment, LLC in New Orleans in 2015 and has expanded to Texas in 2019. Her agency provides Mental Health and Wellness therapy, as well as resources.

Shawnnell has a passion for serving those in need and has done so by being an active part in programs that feed the homeless, being a foster/adoptive parent, and providing emotional support and sincere care for many children (now adults) who affectionately call her “Mom”. Shawnnell has dedicated herself to be active in healing the African American Community, nurturing and supporting families of the Foster Care system, encouraging and empowering women, and pouring into the cups of other mental health professionals who pour out so much to help others.

Shawnnell was married for 13 years and has seven daughters, five of which were adopted as teens through the foster care system. Shawnnell enjoys listening to music of all kinds and loves to sing.




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