Raia Kogan

Raia Kogan

I am a Somatic (body-oriented) Psychotherapist, specializing in relationships, intimacy, and sexuality with adult individuals and couples. I am also queer, jewish, femme, an immigrant, and an activist.

Working together, you will enter a supportive container where I will remind and guide you to slow down, breathe, reconnect with your body and heart, and get in touch with your inner wisdom.I work with clients who long for greater connection, passion, intimacy, and self expression in their lives and relationships, but feel limited due to past wounding or trauma.

In our work together, I will support you in developing increased mindfulness, awareness, self-compassion, and self-care. I believe that this inner work is a foundation for greater intimacy and connection with others in your life as well as for activism and social change. I work relationally, which means that rather than simply talk about your experiences in relationships, we will actually explore how those tendencies and patterns show up in the therapy relationship. I believe that the experience of a safe, consistent, and loving relationship in psychotherapy can help repair early wounds in relationships and serve as a foundation to learn new ways of relating that support more satisfying and intimate relationships in your life.

EFT couples therapy, EMDR, somatic, mindfulness-based



Couples, Relationships, Parenting, Post-partum, Sex, Gender, Trauma


California 87945


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