Patty Evers

Patty Evers

I am a firm believer in the power of the individual to choose his or her own destiny and change their lives for the better no matter the circumstance. I believe that everyone possesses great inner strength and power and that in many cases outside influences have kept them from realizing their potential.
My specialties include Parenting and Family Issues, Grief and Loss and Trauma. The two counseling theories that I adhere closest to are Solution-Focused and Existential Humanism. These theories are very different and the usage of them depends on how deeply the client is ready to go in our time together.
My role as a therapist is as one who compassionately listens and reframes stories in a way that assists the client in seeing their potential and making better decisions. I believe that it is the best way to draw on a person's inner qualities and bring them to the forefront

IFS, Solution Focused, Trauma informed CBT



Trauma, Introversion, Parenting


Texas LPC #67720


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