Omolade Rosalyn Roddy

Omolade Rosalyn Roddy

Omolade Rosalyn Roddy, LCSW

Over 30 years of professional experience utilizing a critical psychotherapeutic framework, including techniques gained from transformative justice practices and grassroots advocacy has informed the direction of my work.

I provide holistic, strength-based, collaborative, non-diagnostic & sex-positive psychotherapy which focuses on building resilience, empowerment and letting go of shame. My practice is informed by the work and lessons learned from all that I serve - however, the true success of my practice has been developed through my work serving those impacted by institutional betrayal (trauma) related to criminal justice, mental health educational, military, foster-care and HIV impacted systems.

In my work, I take into account how race, class, gender and socio/cultural conditions impact identity and the day-to-day functioning of individuals and communities. Often the use of psychiatric diagnoses impose stigmatized and standardized beliefs about mental and cognitive health differences. Not everyone seeking therapy has a mental illness or disorder. Some struggle with life stressors and transitions, and only need to discuss their thoughts and feelings with a professional. Not accepting Insurance allows me the flexibility needed to draw upon the strength-based, non-diagnostic clinical approaches and move beyond the symptom management focus that diagnostic paradigms encourage.

CBT, Critical Psychology and Self-Determination Psychology



Learning differences ; PTSD; Re-entry; Veterans; Poly and consensual open relationships.


California LCS28484


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