Nichole Cruz-Torres

Welcome, It must have taken quite a bit of courage to be able to reach out for help. You have already taken the first step to making change! A little bit about me; I am licensed social worker and utilize a combination of different techniques to help you address any concerns. I believe that your comfortability and our rapport is a key factor in you making progress in your goals; so if at any time you feel not comfortable or not heard correctly, I encourage you to let me know. I want to help you make progress in your goals as quickly and effectively as you can, to prevent as little disruption from your life as possible.

My area of expertise is in the treatment of substance use, co-occurring disorders, mood and anxiety disorders, and trauma. I have experience working children, adolescents and adults. I use a varieties of modalities and techniques; I will focus and tailor our dialog and treatment plan to meet your unique and specific needs.




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Phone: 855-862-9262

500 S. Grand Avenue, Suite 1800

Los Angeles, CA 90071

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