Mia Garret

Mia Garret is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who specializes in healing relationships and reinventing them into safe spaces to exercise the skills of mental and emotional wellness. We all go through a similar process: Triggered by an event that causes us pain or disruption, reacting in a ways that furthers our pain, perpetuating the dysfunctional behaviors we've learned in our past, and finally we go into suffering through the inability to resolve our issues.

Mia has been working with individuals and families for nearly a decade being a guide in supporting the development of skills needed to experience mental wellness. Helping others to unlearn beliefs that drive dysfunction and suffering through her therapeutic model guided by 6P's: Pathology, Patterns, Perspective, Problem Solving, Preparation, and Practice.

Mia received her bachelor and master degrees from Georgia State University where the community based curriculum was invaluable to her ability to connect her clients to resources in their area.

Mia has always believed that emotional and mental wellness are rooted in how we are developing within the context of our relationships. She recognizes that every interaction we have, whether within our own thoughts and feelings or with another person, is a chance to practice the skills of mental and emotional wellness and create the experiences of a more fulfilled and enjoyable life. In choosing Mia as your clinician you are making a commitment to not only yourself but to those around you to find the best in yourself and bring out the best in others.




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