Maria Cristina Borges

Born and raised in Puerto Rico, I moved to the San Francisco Bay Area 15 years ago motivated by an awakening. During my years as a psychology student in the University of Puerto Rico, I was a bodywork practitioner. Personally experiencing the healing power of working with the body, lead me to move to San Francisco to become a psychotherapist and learn more about body-mind relationship. Since then, I’ve become a somatic psychotherapist, centering my work in different mind-body and expressive arts modalities. I'm guided by the understanding that adverse experiences can have lasting impact in our lives and that socio-cultural context and intersecting identities have as much influence as early childhood experiences. Being Puerto Rican living in the diaspora, is crucial in my understanding of the impact that colonialism, other forms of oppression as well as privilege, have on us. They shape us and are root causes of trauma. I strive to challenge the split between personal and collective healing, and truly believe that is possible to transform from the ways oppression has shaped us, emerge with more power and joy, and create a more just world.




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