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Kia McKinney

With twenty years of experience as a counselor in the mental health,
substance abuse and school counseling disciplines, Kia McKinney is a firm
believer in the power of conversation and human connection. Her
philosophy is “We can’t heal what we don’t reveal and it is the things that
we don’t speak about that often cause the most pain and suffering.” Early
on, psychology and human behavior were interests because having insight
into people’s minds and behaviors helped shape understanding of others
and the world around her.

The majority of her counseling background has been working with
adolescents and young adults. Work with those who often feel unheard
and underrepresented has long been a passion that has been honed
through a combination of work done in the public health area, private
sector, as well as the school system. Ms. McKinney has two Masters
degrees- one in Psychology and one in School Counseling from
Washington College and Wilmington University respectively.
Born and raised in a rural community, she understands that many suffer in
silence due to stigma or lack of resources. This includes the misperception
of therapy in the black community. Ms. McKinney truly believes that
Maslow’s Hierarchy is applicable to the issues we see in society today as it
relates to ACES and childhood trauma. Her approach to therapy is eclectic
as she is a proponent of equity in therapy. This involves giving clients what
they need rather than a “one size fits all” approach because that approach
does not take into consideration the unique personal, cultural and individual
differences that we all bring to the table.

I am a black woman. A mother, a daughter, a friend, a human being. All of
these roles and characteristics prepare me as I think about how I can best
help a client. When I have before me a client who is hesitant about
counseling and somewhat resistant- this is what is the comparison I like to
make, “Therapy is like a road map. Yes, you can go on the journey
without one. But isn’t it nice to know that it is there as a tool, maybe tucked
away in your glove box. Just ito help make navigating a little easier?’ With
that being sai, I am so excited to be on this journey and look forward to this
amazing opportunity with Ayana Therapy!

CBT, RET, family, strength based, solution focused, play therapy



teens, young adult, school based, substance abuse, trauma, suicide, special needs


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