Kate Viernes

Hi! I’m Kate (pronouns: she/her), a licensed psychotherapist and clinical social worker in Northern California. I am excited to join the AYANA team and honored to be part of this important effort to make therapy more accessible to BIPOC communities!

While life spares no community from mental health challenges, BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) are hit hard and in unique ways by these struggles due to coming from historically oppressed groups. This systemic and culturally-based worldview is very much a part of who I am, professionally and personally. I identify as a 2nd-generation Filipinx American, an Asian American, and a descendent of indigenous people who have withstood hundreds of years of colonization. As a therapist of color, I see the difficulties that BIPOC deal with at work, school, or in our relationships, such as feeling inadequate or having our voices silenced, as connecting back to our experiences of marginalization in society, often for generations before us. I also recognize that our racial identities intersect with other marginalized identities including gender, sexuality, and immigration status. I am curious about and seek to honor each individual’s unique intersecting identities and path to healing.

The way I do therapy is focusing first on creating a space and relationship where you feel validated, seen, and safe. We will work together to address immediate issues in concrete ways, such as incorporating solution-focused strategies, mindfulness, or cognitive-behavioral techniques (CBT). We will simultaneously do depth-oriented work to bring to light salient life experiences that you may need help making sense of or growing from. I integrate trauma-informed, attachment, and social justice-based theories in everything we do.

When I’m not being an AYANA therapist, I have a private psychotherapy practice in San Francisco, CA, where I work mostly with teens and young adults. For the seven years before starting my practice, I worked in community and school-based mental health settings with immigrants, students, and other vulnerable populations. I hold Masters degrees in Social Welfare and Ethnic Studies. I was born and raised on O’ahu, Hawai’i, and I love going back to visit when I can. I look forward to meeting you!




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