Kate McNulty

Kate McNulty

I aim to bring a combination of practicality, curiosity and imagination to your concerns. My work is based on helping you find and remember your strengths.

While I am trained in a variety of therapy approaches, my priority is to learn the best method to help you, in the unique way that fits you best. I applied to be included in Ayana because I am Autistic, bisexual and gender-nonbinary. I work with all kinds of clients and welcome your questions if you are wondering whether we may be a match. I am from an East Coast, working class background and have sought out contact with people from varied cultures throughout my life. As a Social Worker I am always thinking about justice as it relates to class, race and disability. Before my private practice career I spent many years working in crisis settings and the Trauma Center/Emergency Department of a major hospital.

My services are based in research and I am oriented to helping you experience results. I use a simple system for collecting direct feedback from clients, so that we know whether we are on the right track. Our sessions would often include sharing resources such as handouts and other educational materials, in addition to talking. I like to give you suggestions to try in your life and things to consider in between meetings, so your efforts in counseling stay at the forefront of your mind.

My credentials include certification as a Relationship Therapist with the Gottman Institute of Seattle. I am also certified as a Sex Therapist by AASECT, the American Association of Sex Educators, Counselors and Therapists. My sex therapy site is www.sexpositivetherapist.com.

Narrative, existential, strengths-based; always with an orientation to social, racial and economic justice and disability rights.



I work with depression/anxiety/panic symptoms and trauma, also offer help for relationship concerns, sex therapy, also work with adult autistics/Aspergers. I am applying for the program because I am Autistic, I also recovered from traumatic brain injury years


Oregon 1201 ; New York 086198


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