Jessica Jefferson

Jessica F.B. Jefferson is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Qualified Supervisor, and the Founder and Clinical Executive Officer of SW Social Support. Known as “The Superheroes’ Therapist”, Mrs. Jefferson is an advocate for those who give their lives in service to others—clergy persons, mental health professionals, first responders, public servants, and business owners, to name just a few—our everyday superheroes. Mrs. Jefferson’s mission is to help superheroes banish burnout and fight compassion fatigue and vicarious trauma by prioritizing self-care to save themselves first.

With over 15 years of experience in mental health, Mrs. Jefferson has worked in a myriad of settings—from group homes to prisons—and has served clients in several different populations, including traumatized youth in the child welfare system, human trafficking victims, juvenile sex offenders, re-entering citizens (adult felons with substance use disorders), as well as individuals suffering with severe and persistent mental health disorders.

Prior to founding SW Social Support, Mrs. Jefferson was the Clinical Director of a multimillion-dollar agency in the faith-based nonprofit sector, where she built three programs from the ground up in just three years. After a successful career helping the community at large and climbing the corporate ladder, Mrs. Jefferson decided through a very personal struggle that the helpers and healers (aka the superheroes) needed help and healing as well, and SW Social Support was born. Now Mrs. Jefferson provides superheroes with a safe place to take their capes off, put their feet up, and get in touch with their humanity. They leave empowered to thrive in their role as a helper, excited to continue fulfilling their life’s purpose with the understanding that self-care is a priority, not a luxury.

In her down time, Mrs. Jefferson enjoys spending time with her husband, Jesse, creating, laughing, traveling, reading, resting, and cooking. She finds that doing things that feed her soul and nourish her allow her to be well to help others in the healing process.




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