Jennie Powe Runde

Jennie Powe Runde

As a trained expressive arts therapist, I help individuals tune in to our 3 main levels of lived experience- mental, physical and emotional- in order to find new resources, ideas, and experiences to understand and transform what isn't working. In my practice, I work with people who are struggling with racial, ethnic, and cultural identity. This includes multi-racial,multi-ethnic and multi-cultural individuals, and couples in mixed racial or ethnic/cultural partnerships. As well as first generation immigrants and the children of immigrants. I also work with folks who are struggling with their identity at the intersection of their sexuality, gender, class, spirituality, and dis/ability status. In addition to expressive arts, my background and training includes Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Narrative Therapy, and Mindfulness Based approaches. I am also influenced by Buddhism and Buddhist psychology in my work. I use an integrative approach- which includes an understanding that 'mental' health is about more than our minds, but also our bodies, our environment, and our relationships.

Expressive arts therapy, mindfulness based & attachment approaches, narrative



Multiracial/multicultural identity, anxiety, trauma- intersectional issues concerning race, gender, sexuality, disability, class


CA/ 46457


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