Janelle Perry

My name is Janelle Perry and I am a licensed mental health counselor. I provide therapeutic services for adults that face an array of challenges such as depression, anxiety, grief and loss, and phase of life issues. Feeling hopeless? Perhaps lost and burdened by life's pressures? I am here to be a road that guides you into emotional, physical, spiritual, and psychological freedom. It is my role to equip and provide effective tools for my clients so they can achieve a strong sense of psychological and emotional stability even in the midst of adversity. I believe one of the most important things a counselor does in a session is actively listen. By listening, a safe place is created for the client to be comfortable enough to express themselves and not feel judged. ​Instilling hope and creating a safe space are a few of my goals for any individual I work with.

I have a strong background in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) which focuses on thought and behavior modification, but I often integrate a variety of therapeutic techniques that best fit the need of my client. During individual sessions, I focus on reframing negative thoughts, educating clients on effective coping skills, building self-confidence and self-awareness through mindfulness techniques, and changing negative patterns of behavior that are a detriment to building a positive lifestyle. Together we will create a comprehensive treatment plan that will assist you in meeting your personal goals. I also believe strongly in the therapeutic relationship that we will cultivate, as a catalyst for change. Working as a team can ultimately provide you with the support you need to get your breakthrough and thrive in the face of challenges!




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