James W. Edwards

James Edwards has 13 years of experience in doing individual therapy and community case management. His engagement style is both personable and client-centered. He has worked in several positions in both Alameda and Contra Costa County to provide quality care to those suffering with severe and persistent mental health issues. He has worked in various roles such as clinical social worker, program manager, and clinical consultant.

Having had to deal with grief early in life and experience a learning disability, he developed an empathy for plight of others. He went on to received his Bachelor of Arts in Psychology at University of California, Berkeley and his Master of Social Work from California State University, East Bay. His perseverance to remain resilient in spite of his personal obstacles sparked a desire to help others to navigate through the challenges of their lives.

He has supported clients who have struggled with various issues such as depression, mood swings, anxiety, psychosis, and trauma. He empowers others to tell their story and to gather tools to move forward in their life with confidence. He actively works to reduce the negative stigma that hinders males and minorities from reaching out for clinical support so that culturally sensitive issues can be addressed.

Edwards maintains a warm approach and has been trained in various forms of therapy. He tends to do well in building rapport so that he can help others in working towards addressing the areas in their lives that they would like to see a change. It is the passion of James Edwards to support people in evolving into their best self.




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