Jackie St. Louis

Jackie St. Louis

I am a licensed mental health professional with over ten years of experience working with families, couples, youth, and children. In my previous positions as a Mental Health Counselor/therapist I provided individual, couples, crisis and group counseling to individuals and families in inpatient hospitals, community programs, in the correctional setting, as well as in private practice. I have worked with people diagnosed with chronic and persistent mental health issues, people in recovery from substance use disorders and other addictions, those who have experienced childhood or other traumas, and families in conflict, among other others. I consider my scope of expertise to be anxiety, depression, trauma, relationship/family conflict, marriage, challenges with boundaries and assertiveness, racial and cultural identity, LGBTQ issues, existential issues, career direction, and addictions. I am passionate about the plight of people of African Descent, immigrant and other minorities as well as being an ally of the LGBTQI community.

I take pride in my work and am focused on results, but not at the detriment of the therapeutic relationship between myself and the client(s). I am well versed in several counseling techniques including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Humanistic Therapy, and Person-Centered therapy. My disposition is that of having a compassionate approachable demeanor. My counseling skills are focused on supporting the client toward accomplishing their goals. In this relationship, you lead, and I help to guide you toward the outcome that you desire. I want my clients to consider working with me as their journey and me as someone who walks alongside them. I will provide feedback as is necessary, but never dictate the course of the work. Clients generally warm up to me quickly and I enjoy helping them to learn new behaviors, work on relationships, get greater enjoyment from life, reconcile with daily challenges, and overall feel better about themselves. I am confident in my ability to assist clients in working through their deeply personal issue(s) in a manner that affirms their truths, is respectful and with positive regard for their humanity. Therapy with me is a place where clients can bring their whole self.




Depression/Anxiety/Childhood Trauma/Relationships/Grief & Loss


Washington LH60689655


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