Ezzat Moghazy

Ezzat Moghazy

As a very young child, 5 years of age, it was my dream to become a doctor in America. I have taken the steps over the last two decades working towards this career goal. I have it in my heart to fulfill and accomplish my life dream, in which I accomplished. I have traveled the world learning, searching, and teaching to be here in this moment of time to become a professor. I have completed my Doctorate and PhD in Integrative Medicine, titled Quantum Medical Hypnosis Improved the Efficacy of Healing of PTSD symptoms measured by HRV Biofeedback. My Master of Science in Physical Therapy, major psychometric properties of outcome measures. During my master’s research and studies, I have created a new functional outcome measure for trauma in-patients, it was the first of its kind in the world. After that, I have measured its validity and reliability using the a very sophisticated techniques to achieve that goal. In which was a great success. My current dissertation was about alleviating the PTSD symptoms with Clinical Hypnotherapy measured by the HRV Biofeedback.

CBT, Narrative Therapy, Clinical Hypnotherapy, Inoculation therapy, and more



PTSD, Anxiety, Weight Loss, Smoking, Relationships, and Stress


Colorado, NLC #0107853


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