Eddie Sharpe

My name is Eddie Sharpe. I'm a licensed professional counselor (LPC) in Alabama. Most of the work that I have done has been in the community working with children and families. In most cases, it's been when the home was disrupted by child protective services, in some cases it was because the child had interactions with juvenile probation, and in other cases there were problematic behaviors in the home or school. The thing that mattered most in all of those cases, the most important part of therapeutic progress has been building a strong and positive relationship with my clients.

Therapy is NOT sitting in front of a stranger that tells you about your life...(It's an opportunity for me to build a relationship with you and possibly the chance to share your life with me if you choose).
Therapy is NOT being analyzed and judged based on what I hear in session...(Therapy is a relationship that cultivates my privilege to help you achieve your goals in the ways that are most congruent with who you are).
Therapy is NOT advice about how you should live...(Therapy IS a conversation about how to plan for your life and make decisions that will help you achieve those plans based on what YOU identify).
Therapy is NOT an indicator that you are 'crazy'...(Therapy IS an indicator that you are concerned about knowing how to be mentally healthy and maintain it).
Therapy will NOT change who you are fundamentally...(Therapy WILL help you understand who you want to be and learn how to be the most mentally healthy version of that self).
Therapy is NOT just talking...(Therapy is having important conversations that will help you understand how you became who you are and how to elevate to who you will be).
At the end of the day, my goal is to use therapeutic modalities, techniques, and skills to encourage you to grow beyond what you may believe you can grow to.

Modalities: The tenets of Adlerian counseling and finding meaning through our sense of belonging is the core of how I believe people change. From there the evidence based component of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is how I help clients implement change that will be lasting. In terms of working in the community, I use solution focused and reality therapy, all enmeshed with a strong component of cultural understanding and responsibility.

Specialties: Family Therapy, Juvenile Probation, Anxiety, Life Coaching, Motivation, Parenting.




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