Ebony Brabham

My name is Ebony P. Brabham. I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in the Metro St. Louis area. I specialize in helping people heal from trauma and learn how to love/realize themselves, which entails cultivating healthier relationships, less anxiety and more purpose in their life’s journey. My goal is to help you live life from a place of whole-hearted connection to your world. Let’s work together towards your desire to break free if you’re feeling locked in either the same old struggles or helplessness and fear. Diving deep will bring up challenges, the truth, and lasting transformation. It worked for me and countless other….it can work for you.

I’m honored to have the opportunity to guide others through their own transformation. As a therapist for over 10 years, I guide people from their own “stuck” places to a life full of adventure, meaning and satisfying relationships. I worked my way to become a masters level graduate of the Washington State University – Brown School of Social Work. As a result, I’ve served hundreds of clients from a broad spectrum of socio-economic, cultural, sexual and faith orientations.

Through years of training and experience, I bring a deep understanding of:

· Adult and childhood developmental process,

· Complexity of couple dynamics

· Communication, conflict resolution and parenting strategies for families.

My approach is holistic and combines cognitive behavioral, acceptance, supportive, and insight focused techniques. My goals for my patients include setting them up for long term success by giving them the tools and support needed to take risks and thrive.




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