Dr. Zelaika Hepworth Clarke

Clarke is a (MSW) social worker licensed in California and New York, a clinical sexologist who specializes in serving people with African and mixed heritage(s), a loveologist, and eroticologist specializing in autoeroticism or self love, and Osunality which
affirms eroticism, sensualities and diversity of sexual pleasures. Dr. Clarke is a graduate of the Academy of African-Centered Social Work and has their Masters in Education (MEd) and PhD in Human Sexuality. Dr. Clarke enjoys guiding individuals, partnerships,
families, polycules (non-monogamous relationship structures), and kinksters toward liberation regardless of ethnicity, abilities, gender expressions or sexual orientations. Dr.Clarke utilizes an eclectic approach and designs guidance programs and treatment
modalities to meet the needs of each person depending on their desires, aspirations, traumas and unique challenges that amplifies people’s strengths, resources and healing capabilities. They provide active, mindful listening and a liberatory gaze while holding
a compassionate therapeutic space to support healing. Their evidence-aware/informed approach is anti-erotophobic, anti-oppressive and healing-centered. They enjoy assisting with decreasing internalized oppression, externalizing “problems”, unlearning colonial
mentalities, unlocking ancestral wisdom and healing, as well as facilitating transformation, sensual/sexual/relational/erotic/emotional emancipation and liberation.

Sex therapy, mindfulness-based stress reduction, compassion focused therapy, relational cultural therapy, umbutu therapy, black experienced based social work, solution focused brief therapy, person-centered therapy, collaborative therapy, and others depending
on needs of client.



I specialize in working with erotically marginalized populations, individuals, couples and polycules: Relationship diversity (non-monogamies); Kink; gender diversity (non-binary, trans, genderqueer, etc) and any sexual orientation (monosexuals, non-monosexuals,
asexuals, two-spirit, etc) ... relationship issues, internalized oppression, inter generational trauma, sexual trauma, abuse and violations, sexual challenges, relationship issues, CPTSD, anxiety, paraphilias , etc


New York 098156; California ASW94316 and Certificate 173457


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