Dr. Paulina Martinez

Hi my name is Paulina aka Dr. Martinez. I’m happy that you’re reading this since practicing psychotherapy and empowering others is my passion.

I personally know through my own journey, as a bicultural Latin-American woman in the LGBTQ spectrum, that finding a great therapist can be hard.

I’ve been a psychotherapist for 20 years. I’m also a faculty member at Florida Atlantic University and teach courses on LGBTQI, diversity, mindfulness, spirituality, and counseling. Through the years I’ve worked with as much diversity as there is. I’ve lived in Mexico City, Spain, Southern California, Texas, and Florida. I understand people in context and know the challenges of navigating the world with ethnic, race, sexual orientation and “other” differences.

I practice traditional and mindfulness based psychotherapies. I am certified to work with trangender people and write WPath letters. Also, I assess for having emotional support animals (ESA).

What to expect: complete confidentiality, working with a doctorate level psychotherapist, and feeling Very empowered.

Website: thehealerinside.com




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