Dr. Mitzen Black

As a licensed psychologist since 2018, I have always strived to serve individuals and families with the utmost care through an intersectional lens. I am a proud HBCU graduate having obtained my B.A. in Psychology from Dillard University in New Orleans. In 2004, I moved to California to pursue my doctoral studies at the Graduate School of Psychology from Fuller Seminary in Pasadena. As an African American woman, I am always aware of how my cultural background and experience of gender impacts the work of psychotherapy. I take a person-centered approach and I always take into account the socio-cultural context that has shaped my clients into who they are when they come to therapy. While earning my PsyD, my areas of research focused on spirituality and health across various religious experiences and across different ethnic groups. The training I received was in psychoanalytic psychotherapy, eating disorders, child and adolescent issues, substance abuse and other addiction issues, and self-harming behaviors. After graduating in 2011, I have worked in various settings that served people with severe mental health and addiction concerns. In addition to working with AYANA Therapy, I also lead the Utilization Review department at an Intensive Outpatient Program for teens and their families.




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