Damien Robinson

My clinical approach is client centered and solution focused. My goal is to provide my clients with space to experience freedom from the challenges that have affected their emotional growth. I am a Veteran that proudly served in the US Navy and US Army. Through my military service and 15 years in the mental health field I have gained perspective that has provided me with a sense of passion for helping others. With every client, it is important to me that there is awareness of the mind-body connection, spiritual growth, and healthy balance of all areas of life.

My career has given me powerful opportunities to help those in the throes of addiction and mental illness. The environments I have worked within have embraced compassion and ethical standards in order to provide quality healthcare. And when I made that choice long ago to work with others to improve their mental health and ease their burdens of addiction. I have been honored to work with many people. am passionate about helping people heal and grow to their fullest potential. I treat individuals who are having difficulty with trauma, anxiety, depression, mood disorders, work stress, and relationship issues.

I work to aid my clients with looking at therapy from a different perspective than stigma pushes upon us. I hope to be a part of their journey to create healthy boundaries and coping skills that help to create safety in a world full of challenges that prohibit growth.




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Phone: 855-862-9262

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