Cherie Barnes

Cherie Barnes is the founder of The Healing Group Community, LLC (, where she provides mental health services in the greater Chicagoland Area.

Cherie has been working in the behavioral health, corrections, and education fields for the past 20 years.

Cherie has experience working with grief, trauma and loss, addictions, anxiety, depression, & life transitions. Cherie has had the pleasure of working with diverse and multicultural individuals, including young children, adolescents, teens, adults, and geriatrics.

Cherie received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Education from Southern Illinois University at Carbondale and her Master of Arts degree in Counseling from Chicago State University. Cherie is a Licensed Professional Counselor in the State of Illinois, a certified Grief coach and a certified Life coach, as well as a National Certified Counselor. Cherie is Level 1 Gottman trained and is working toward completing her training as a Certified Clinical Trauma Professional. Cherie has completed hundreds of hours of continuing education in grief and loss, trauma, addiction, multiculturalism, and many other areas.

In 2017, Cherie wrote her 1st book, 12 Lessons of Dealing with Grief. A vulnerable and timely piece of work after her series of losses, which greatly affected her life. Cherie then wrote and published four other books available at, Barnes and Noble, Books a Million, Powell’s, and other outlets. Cherie is a contributing author to several other self-help books.

Outside the therapy office, Cherie continues to help others in various ways. Cherie started a podcast called The Healing Group Community Podcast. She informs and interviews authors, mental health clinicians, writers, and others who contribute to the vast knowledge of the grieving process. This lead to the creation of her online course entitled, Happy and Whole After A Heart Broken Soul. You received live training and special handouts to help you in the grieving process and; a monthly membership program, entitled Triumph Over Grief, where she takes you into a deeper dive with strategies dealing with grief.

Cherie is passionate about self-care and helps her clients to see that even the little steps toward it make a big difference. Cherie’s approach to working with clients is individualized, compassionate, and collaborative mental health care. Cherie’s mantra has been over the past couple of years as long as you are dreaming, dream Big!




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