Bradlisia K. Dixon

You’re most likely tired and exhausted in general. Being a person of color, you’re up against so much on a daily basis that there can be so much ground to cover and recover again. From anxiety, depression, and struggling to find your voice in the world and in your personal relationships, you could use some extra support.However, there’s a very specific issue I’ve come across in my work with folks of color no matter what they come to therapy for. Your inner voice! You either don't hear it as often anymore or you've grown to not trust it for one reason or another. It used to be loud, but now it's a whisper and you wish you could trust it again.

With the pressure around you to be like everyone else, I think it’s easy for your inner voice to be stifled or muffled over time. How many times have you agreed to go out with a friend when you were tired and just not feeling it? How many times have you let someone put you in a position that you were uncomfortable with and you didn’t say anything?

If you want help with figuring out how you can begin to recognize and amplify your inner voice to get your wants and needs met, I can help. The hope is that once you are able to clearly identify it, you’ll be able to communicate effectively, set healthy boundaries, and come home to your authentic self. If you feel that this is the time to get your voice and confidence back, contact me today!

As a clinician, I struggle with landing firm on a modality, particularly since most modalities are rooted in treating straight white males. I'm not married to any one theory but I draw inspiration from narrative, psycho-dynamic, and client centered practices. This means I love a good story and helping my clients track their role in the current story they're exploring. We explore if they like the position they play, imagine how they might want it to be different, if they can change anything, and how. I leave room to explore childhood influences on their current life, but recognize that not everything stems from childhood.



I tend to focus on high functioning clients who may struggle with anxiety and depression, and overall just feel like they need space to breathe and gain clarity about themselves.


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